Pasghetti’s: The Newest Italian Attraction

By Administrator on Wednesday, 13th May, 2015
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The newest dining attraction to call Branson home opened last week and is full of more than just food. Pasghetti’s is a uniquely designed and themed Italian restaurant now open on Highway 76 near the Titanic Museum and Starlite Theatre.

When people come in for food, they have several options of where they want to eat in the building. The inside of Pasghetti’s is themed to look like the early 1900s, and is sectioned into various areas with different design layouts. Customers can choose to eat in the rooftop or side street section, in a trolley car or in one of the specialty dinner clubs. When someone walks into the restaurant, it “looks like you’re walking into a ‘30s and ‘40s city,” Jeff Hurshman, general manager of Pasghetti’s, said.

Travelers driving through the famous strip of Branson will have their attention drawn to the giant meatball and fork outside of the restaurant along with the tomato and green pepper hanging off the side of the building. The meatball, placed in the middle of the sidewalk, is so large that a path had to be cut through it for people walk on the sidewalk. These sights are one of the many reasons Pasghetti’s has had a busy start to their first two weeks in business.Pasghetti's edited

“Business has been great,” Hurshman said. “We’re excited and the town has really supported us.”

Because of the tourist nature of the restaurant and the amount of business it has received since it opened, Hurshman said that wait times could get up to an hour long. However, Pasghetti’s is the only restaurant in Branson linked with the mobile device app “NoWait.” This app allows customers to log on and place their name on the reservation waiting list from their mobile device without actually being at the location.

“If you go to a restaurant of our caliber, you’re going to wait at least an hour,” Hurshman said. “If you’re on vacation, you don’t want to wait. The app helps with that.”

For being a tourist attraction and considered fine Italian dining, Pasghetti’s does not feature a meal on their menu over $20. Their most popular menu item is the Pasghetti’s and Meatball, a plateful of spaghetti covered in house-made marinara sauce and parmesan cheese served with a signature Pasghetti’s meatball. Other house favorites are Papa’s Lasagna and the Tri-Perfecta, a dish that includes pasta alfredo, lasagna and spaghetti.

Pasghetti’s is a great choice for a fun and interesting dinner with your family. If you’re looking for a quiet dining experience with your significant other, there are certain dinner rooms in the restaurant for that as well. Pasghetti’s offers supper clubs and “adult” dining areas for people who wish to eat in a quiet, secluded area with your special date, away from the noise of the main dining room.

Aside from the food and dining areas, perhaps the best attraction belonging to Pasghetti’s is the Ferris wheel located inside the restaurant. Hurshman said that while constructing the building, they wanted to add a Ferris wheel to their designs, much like Universal Studios, to set them apart from other tourist attractions.

“We wanted to bring a Ferris wheel to Branson,” Hurshman said. “We had the idea to put it along the street but that didn’t work out. We had room inside the building and thought it would be great to put it there.”

Whether you’re looking for a fun dining experience with the family or a quiet, romantic dinner date with the one you love, Pasghetti’s has everything you need for a memorable night; making it the perfect addition to the fun-filled town of Branson.