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Adventures of Marco Polo

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2255 Gretna Road, Branson, MO, United States
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Marco Polo, the Italian explorer, made his legendary trip in 1271 A.D. to the ancient eastern mysterious nation of China. Journeying from the West, moving across the Middle East, and after overcoming many difficulties… finally arriving in China. Marco Polo witnessed the vast grassland, the royal palace of Yuan Dynasty, and the gorgeous watery countryside of China. Having never seen things like the compass, soft silks, or the skill of the Chinese craftsman, he developed a feeling of freshness and eagerness he had never felt before. The journey stayed with him the rest of his life even after he returned to Venice. The civilized openness of Yuan Dynasty and the love he found from a Mongolian princess had changed his life forever. The Adventures of Marco Polo is a tale of exploration and love with a cast of worldwide performers in beautiful costuming.

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